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posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 06:36 PM
I had another thought on open source hardware, electronics brands will no longer be as important, rather the ability to Build complex electronics will become dominant. Since all schematics at all levels will be freely available, no one company will have an advantage over another in terms of design, rather the advantage will come from the ability to Build complex devices to tight tolerances.

Physics will also play an ever increasing role, as the only real limitations to building anything will be physical. In fact, new discoveries in physics, chemistry, and material science will be able to produce technological innovations almost as fast as someone can figure out a use for the phenomena and find a way to build it.

Also the reverse will occur much faster, meaning if some field has a need for some particular piece of technology, say medicine for example, they could build it quickly and cheaply.

The only real barriers to building anything will be capital and machinery to build it.

posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 08:28 PM
Looking back at the last 5 years, it became obvious or at least less implausible, that indeed the power elite do exist and that they have tremendous influence on the world. It appears as if they have expanded their control to include most of the world and nearly all aspects of life from individual persons to entire governments.

In addition there appears to be an agenda intended to change the culture of the U.S. and the world. In essence they want to eliminate all traces of the counterculture and it's derivatives, that first gained popularity in the 1960's here in the U.S. Some critics blame the countercultural movement for social ills not only in the U.S. but around the developed world. In addition I believe that they think the countercultural movement gave rise to political movements and cultural movements that are not in their best interest.

There is another culture, in fact it is not viewed as a culture, yet it embodies many of the aspects that some anthropologists may identify as a culture and that is the Oil culture. This "culture" has been at the root of many of our problems for about 60-70 years. It has shaped our domestic policy and "guided" our politicians behind the scenes for decades. It has shaped our culture via the landscape of highways, suburbs, interstates,etc and indirectly via movies and music. Since energy production is the largest industry in the world, it has been, directly or indirectly, the centerpiece of our foreign policy for the last 40 years and is a large part of the reason why we are in the middle east. It has been the cause of many ills across the world and, due to peaking production rates, is now coming to a close. In essence this is the opposite of the counterculture, the conservative culture.

So, if they believe the counterculture has to be changed, then to keep balance, the conservative "oil culture" also has to be changed.

I have detailed, in my previous posts, that the U.S. and other countries in the western hemisphere do have sufficient energy resources to become completely energy independent. In essence we do possess sufficient energy resources to completely replace energy derived from oil products, all we need is the will to make it happen.

If the "Patricians" (the ruling elite) wish to rule without our input or our consent, if they wish to simply impose their will regardless of our rights or desires, then we should simply do like the Plebians and perform Secessio plebis. If they want to rule the world via the media, then all we must do is ignore the media, ignore all news, ignore all artists, ignore all movies, ignore all talk radio, ignore all corporately sponsored websites and internet media.

If they want to rule the media then they can rule a dead media, if they want to rule the conversation then they can rule an empty conversation.
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posted on Mar, 29 2015 @ 10:52 PM
Some in the government and the power elite may say that it is too expensive to upgrade the electrical infrastructure to the point where we can supply all energy needs via electricity, let alone by solar. Well, it seems as if we are in a bind, for almost everything that the world demands, the power elite are unwilling or unable to provide.

Whether it be energy independence, real ET disclosure, individual privacy, public space travel, investigations into real quantum gravity, etc. So in essence, they don't want to change anything and because they are able to spy on people's thoughts at any time and for any reason, we won't be able to mobilize anyone to help change things.

The only real way out of this quandary is to start building your own electronics, starting at the level of the atom. The reason why is because then you can ensure your own privacy and the security of your thoughts and plans. Once we start doing this, then the power elite, in essence, will have lost. For if information is power then, eliminating their ability to surreptitiously obtain information, basically eliminates their power.

Once that happens, then we will truly be free.
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posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 01:48 AM
It looks as if I'm making progress in degrading the ability of the power elite to monitor me and my thoughts, I was finally able to shut off my new refrigerator and I am currently only using the older refrigerator. That apparently put a big dent in their ability to monitor me. In addition I changed my computer monitors, I'm trying to test them to see if using random monitors has any effect on their ability to monitor us, it seems as if they have an effect, though I am still testing.

The most effective method to protect yourself, is to either place all electronics in an iron enclosure and/or shut them off. For example now I that I leave my cell phone and music players in the car, they can no longer monitor thoughts in public.

Little by little they are losing and soon hopefully, they will be forgotten like dust in the breeze.

posted on Apr, 24 2015 @ 03:19 PM
I believe I have finally found a way to completely defeat "their" ability to both monitor thoughts and gangstalk. I have been experimenting with this method for about a week now.

What I do is that when I go to school/work I leave all electronic devices at home, place wallets and/or credit cards, corrective lenses, and clocks in small iron box I carry in a backpack. (Some credit cards nowadays have chips built in that could be used to monitor thoughts.) Then I take public transit to school/work, the reason for this is that many cars have thought monitoring devices built in and/or nefarious groups may enter your car, while you are at work, to place these devices in your car. I suppose other means of transportation may also be secure, though they must all be tested.

By doing this I was successfully able to circumvent nearly all of their ability to monitor thoughts. Though I am always alert, they could simply be bluffing, pretending not to be able to monitor thoughts, when they actually can.

posted on Apr, 26 2015 @ 10:23 PM
There is another way to rid oneself of unwanted surveillance, instead of putting all electronics in a sealed Iron Box, or the inverse building an Iron Room around oneself, simply put ALL electronics in an automobile and park the automobile about 1 block away.

By all electronics I mean, even those that escape our attention, Fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs, Flashlights of all kinds, Batteries, Clocks, Lamps, any object that has electric circuits built in, should go into the car. The devices can only "read" thoughts within a limited range. Some "safe" electronics are incandescent light bulbs, very basic lamps, CRT Televisions built before 1985, very select CRT computer monitors, some desktop computers.

Also unplug the refrigerator from the wall socket and, if it is close by, turn off power the water heater.

Also a warning, electronics that may have been left out in public, for example a free desktop computer given away on Craigslist and/or computer monitors left on the side of the street, from my experience, are just chock full of monitoring devices.

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 12:27 AM
I was researching Voice to Skull technology and I realized that this technology may be used to transmit information to people. The reason why this came to my attention is because I started to notice that certain people began to make references to my private thoughts only seconds or minutes after I had the thoughts.

Often some of the more noticeable gangstalkers first look or check their cell phones for, what I assume, are instructions as to what to say, how to dress, how to behave, etc. More recently, I began to notice that they were receiving very specific information about me, without checking their phones, tablets, computer screens, or any other electronic device and sometimes even when the person was driving and repeatedly too. So I thought, they must be transmitting information directly to the mind of the person through some means.

At first I thought it may be something like reversing the way they read thoughts from our brain using modulated low frequency EMF waves. This may be possible but it seems awfully difficult and may not be very directional. Then I read about this:

Microwave Auditory Effect

This may be a way to transmit orders directly in to the mind of a person without using any receiver.

Here is another way, they could direct sound "like a laser" to only one person:

Sound Laser

By using these technologies it becomes possible to transmit information to only one person without using an electronic receiver.

Now for something different:

There is another way to turn the tables on gangstalkers, though I don't recommend it.

I was reading the Blog of a TI (Targeted Individual) and he mentioned that, sometimes, when he identified a gangstalker he would follow them until he found out where they lived and/or made them uncomfortable. It is safe to be a gangstalker when they are reasonably sure they will remain anonymous but, once you start to pierce that veil and you begin to compile information on them, then they should start to worry. What if the TI publishes their address. What if the TI starts to find out who their friends are, who their parents are, who their brothers and sisters are?

What if the TI keeps a video record of their gangstalking activities AND uses it against them? What if the TI determines where they work and sends a video of their activities to their employer? What if their employer finds out he has gangstalkers working for him. What if the gangstalker, one day, wishes to run for public office, or play a significant part in a large corporation? The TI's could then have information about them that could be damaging, especially if a large portion of the U.S. population also experienced gangstalking.

So it looks as if the tables are turning, though we should not get comfortable. Think about this, it must have taken quite a long time to build up this gangstalking infrastructure. This infrastructure could have existed for decades, if not hundreds of years. To believe that such a structure could be dismantled overnight is naive and could be yet another one of their ploys to make you believe that everything is back to normal.

Once the power elite reveal the extent of their control of the world's population, it will be nearly impossible for the general population, from that point forward, to believe again, that they are free.

P.S. Most news stories are manipulated, riots or shootings may be real but the events and motivations leading up to them may be manipulated. Some out of work actor may pretend to take cop beatings for money, so please don't fall into the trap of believing anything in the news.
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posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 04:52 AM
As I was reading the article on the Microwave Auditory Effect and the related article on Electrophonic hearing, it was revealed that even deaf people could hear the transmitted information. I wonder if this technology has been developed to allow completely deaf people to hear? In fact if, one day, it is possible to stimulate neural networks directly, then it may even be possible to allow the blind to see, people who lost limbs to control artificial limbs, etc. All this without surgery, making it much easier to update the electronics as the technology progresses.

In fact, instead of using very sensitive magnetometers to simply read people's thoughts at a distance, we should monitor the emitted magnetic waves of all the parts of our bodies. By monitoring the patterns when our organs and nerves are functioning correctly, it may be possible to determine, by magnetometer and EEG readings alone, when they are malfunctioning. Also it may be possible to detect the presence of growths in the body, since the nerve signals will start to slowly shift in spatial distribution, length, firing patterns, composition through which the wave must pass, etc.

It may be possible to detect the type of growths, maybe there are different signal patterns for tumors, or kidney stones, or cysts. Finally (i'm sure this has been done) is it possible to detect brain tumors from EEG or even MEG analysis alone? If it is possible to decipher something as complex as a thought, could it be possible to use similar analysis to decipher the presence of a large growing mass in the brain?

These are positive uses for gangstalking technologies.

posted on May, 2 2015 @ 02:27 PM
I just had a thought, most of us have seen in the last couple of years the control that the "power elite", the "titans", the "secret societies", the "powers that be" wield. They can control nearly everyone and nearly everything, so what does it matter whether the existence of ETs are revealed publicly by a government official who can present actual documented evidence?

If they have so much control over what people think and do, then they can control the public response to the existence of ETs, can't they? So why all the secrecy? You have people who were destined to be part of secret societies ever since they were in the womb in nearly every house, block, neighborhood, village, town, city, metropolitan area, and county in the U.S. and around the world, so what's the problem?

Another issue:

All of sudden the "powers that be" are trying to shift the culture of the U.S. similar back before about 2009 or 2008, the problem is that the general public now knows they are being monitored every minute of everyday and that there are agents everywhere! So how exactly are they going to convince anyone that they are now "free"? The actions needed to convince people they are free will have to equal the actions taken to stifle individual liberties and invade individual privacy.
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posted on May, 10 2015 @ 03:31 AM
I was watching older films from the 1930's and earlier to pinpoint exactly when "they" gained the ability to see into the future. The actors in some films like "scarlet street" and "you only live once" (film noir stuff) sometimes make suspicious comments similar to those made by actors in more modern films, regarding what I was doing and thinking at the time.

Now to ensure that I'm not simply trying to fit their dialog to my thoughts, I watched other films with all the offending electronics either behind Iron or turned off to ensure that the remote neural monitoring was disabled. When I did so their dialog no longer reflected what I was thinking or doing.

So I decided to go back, way back to 1916 to D.W. Griffiths long epic "Intolerance". I purposefully switched on the offending electronics and/or removed them from the iron enclosures. I did this to estimate when they could have either developed or "gained" the technology to see into the future. Lo and behold, even in 1916 they could see into the future!!

This came as a shock to me because Einstein presented his theory of General Relativity in 1915, quantum mechanics was only fully formulated in the 1920's, so it would have been difficult to unify them to create a theory of Quantum Gravity. Not to mention that even though the vacuum tube was invented in 1905, I seriously doubt that the electronics of 1916 could have been up to the task of viewing into the future.

So what could this mean? According to "accepted history" they didn't even have the theoretical foundations to even begin addressing the question of time in any realistic way. Could this mean that physical time travel is possible? Could it be possible to travel backwards in time without a time machine on the other end? Maybe "they" met with ETs way way before Roswell and gained the ability to see into the future?

Could this mean that the theoretical foundations of "chronovision" or time travel were found before Einstein? Maybe "Frame Dragging" was discovered before Einstein, possibly by Heaviside. Heaviside could have formulated Newton's laws of gravitation into a field theory similar to Maxwell's equations and by experimentation accidentally discovered time displacement?

I'm going to keep on pushing farther back to see just how long ago they "gained" the ability to see into the future.

On a completely different note, I wonder what is the first film to address the question of UFOs from a modern perspective? Not as non-physical creatures but as advanced material beings. When was it released who released it, what are their descriptions of the technology?

Also, I wonder, if anyone before the 20th realized that maybe some of the anomalous phenomena in the sky that can't be explained as natural, could be advanced material beings? Maybe Newton, Kepler, Tycho Brahe, Galileo, all sorts of philosophers and others may have possibly seen UFOs flying about and identified them as such. Maybe someone with sufficient money and resources could have found out that maybe these are material objects, maybe these objects land, and maybe they could meet with them?

What if "men in black" existed throughout history to avoid this very problem? Before the enlightenment it may have been easier to explain them away as simply non-material creatures or gods or angels but, after learned men began to seek material causes and explanations it must have occurred to some of them that maybe those strange lights aren't non-material beings?
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posted on May, 10 2015 @ 09:48 PM
Hey man, nice shot! I love the "ancient aliens" theory and to me it makes way more sense than any "logical" reason for certain things like the pyramids, and depictions of tanks and helicopters on cave walls. Although, I think you may be underestimating the cost of building something space-worthy. At the same time you're not building a shuttle, merely a satellite, so in theory I think this is totally do-able. I would love to launch a project of my own as I have been flying around the moon on google earth for the past month after finding out abut the structures there. I can't believe you can see these things for yourself and people are still skeptical about the moon structures.

Unfortunately, I think some conspiracies are only out thereto throw us off of another agenda(s); it would be nothing for NASA to just create those images to keep us thinking aliens aren't already controlling us somehow. Ancient Aliens would be great for that, but like I said there is pretty good evidence of it being a legit theory. A friend asked why NASA would allow us to see that when they could and have bee accused of water-brushing everything else, but he is just a dream-crushing douche!

Also, remember, we can be controlled SUPER easy and it's no problem to post a picture somewhere with an intelligently written description, and all of a sudden you're a super knowledgeable celeb. You can even use disinformation on stupid people to get a little cult going (David Icke)

I really hope you can "Get this off the ground" though, not only will it inspire others to pursue the very likely possibility of finding intelligent life somewhere else, or even here - but hopefully it will set an example as to what is important for your country and the rest of the world also.

Don't let he skeptics close your open mind! Go astronaut farmer on their punk $$$ and launch that thing from your back yard if you have to. Just watch out for the CIA and the other beings that are possibly already here.

Glad I'm not alone on wanting something like this! By the way, back to your noise reference, I guess this is like using an EQ tool to tune out some of the unwanted frequencies to get that fine sound we all can enjoy. Pure discovery and social evolution.

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posted on May, 10 2015 @ 09:54 PM

originally posted by: deloprator20000
Some in the government and the power elite may say that it is too expensive to upgrade the electrical infrastructure to the point where we can supply all energy needs via electricity, let alone by solar. Well, it seems as if we are in a bind, for almost everything that the world demands, the power elite are unwilling or unable to provide.

Whether it be energy independence, real ET disclosure, individual privacy, public space travel, investigations into real quantum gravity, etc. So in essence, they don't want to change anything and because they are able to spy on people's thoughts at any time and for any reason, we won't be able to mobilize anyone to help change things.

The only real way out of this quandary is to start building your own electronics, starting at the level of the atom. The reason why is because then you can ensure your own privacy and the security of your thoughts and plans. Once we start doing this, then the power elite, in essence, will have lost. For if information is power then, eliminating their ability to surreptitiously obtain information, basically eliminates their power.

Once that happens, then we will truly be free.

Solar panels? Too expensive.

3 Trillion on war. That's it?

posted on May, 11 2015 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: OfManAndWolf

Thanks, it is not often that people reply to my posts. I too would like to send up a satellite to image outer space, though the most challenging part is getting the satellite in orbit.

You brought up a good point, going to war for oil costs just as much if not more than it would to upgrade the electrical infrastructure of the U.S. I believe people are starting to realize that the overriding concern in world affairs isn't simply the interest of each nation, rather it is the interests of an elite few, manipulating world events and world politics to keep us tied to the middle east and to oil.

posted on May, 11 2015 @ 05:27 PM
I was skimming through the following website:

Gangstalking Wiki

I came across a program led by the FBI named COINTELPRO, which was operational from 1956-1971. The goals of this program were:

... surveying, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations

COINTELPRO tactics are still used to this day,[citation needed] and have been alleged to include discrediting targets through psychological warfare; smearing individuals and groups using forged documents and by planting false reports in the media; harassment; wrongful imprisonment; and illegal violence, including assassination.[5][6][7] The FBI's stated motivation was "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order.

In 1971 the "Church Committee" was formed in response to troubling allegations regarding illegal mass spying on the U.S. population:

Church Committee

Of course no one was ever punished and no stalker ever exposed. So we see that organized stalking may have been going on in the U.S. for a long, long time. I think we have finally realized that the U.S. government is big fat joke and not a funny joke either. The constitution and your rights can be "circumvented" at any time, for any reason, by anyone with a good enough reason and enough resources.

The tables have turned though, the average person has access to enough technical and scientific knowledge with which to fight back. Furthermore, because of the internet, it is difficult for "them" to publish and propagate misleading information, eventually with enough rigorous analysis their arguments will fall apart. Also, due to the proliferation of mobile device recording equipment, it is possible for a person to literally take a video or an image of stalkers. Then this person can store these videos and images, they can then make a database, and then rank the images and videos according to probability of being an actual stalker. The individual is best able to determine who is or isn't a stalker, since they could in constant contact with the same stalkers everyday.

Finally, being identified as a stalker isn't like revealing some personal vice of a notable person. A vice usually only affects one person, though it can be used against them, it doesn't imply the person can't be trusted. Being revealed as a stalker, on the other hand, means this person can never be trusted, ever. Even if they publicly and willingly reveal themselves as stalkers, one can never be sure they aren't still reporting to someone, for some benefit. In fact, it may even be a character trait.

They sometimes may use the argument "since I willingly revealed myself as a stalker, that means I can no longer be utilized as an agent, hence I am no longer an agent", this is induction at it's worst. If they gain your trust by saying those words, then they are still an asset, hence they can be utilized.
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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 05:49 PM
Of course, the "powers that be" realize that this spying can't go on forever. Even if the majority of the population were stalkers, they would still have a problem, how do you recompense these people? Think about it, very few would stalk others with no benefit to themselves, even if they were forced into stalking others, if they see no benefit eventually they will turn.

These benefits may be monetary, political, increased business, publications (if they are scientists), advancement in their job, an expunge of their police record, a reduction in their parole time, a record deal, a movie deal, a possible TV or radio show, etc. Anything the person values.

There is a problem of diminishing returns. Once you get enough people to work for the "powers that be" it will get increasingly difficult to give everyone the same benefits. There is only a finite amount of money you can give, there are only so many political offices available, you can only increase their business so much without interfering with other agent's businesses, there are only so many things you can publish, and not everyone can be a top manager. You can't expunge all police records and parole times can't be set to 0 for everyone. There are only so many record, movie, TV, and radio show deals you can make before everyone starts making less and less money.

So you see massive spying is not sustainable. Eventually they will have to compromise.

To make things worse, you end up with people in positions for which they are not qualified. Hence, you end up with an entire class of people that are utterly dependent on "the powers that be". For the sciences this devolves into research scientists basically dependent on "the powers that be" for their next idea. To make it look as if the idea is theirs the "powers that be" use the microwave auditory effect or some other method to "implant" the idea into the researchers mind. Something similar occurs with artists, musicians, actors, TV and Talk show hosts, etc.
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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 08:26 PM
Wow you're pretty good at articulating the whole thing that's for sure.

posted on May, 11 2015 @ 08:30 PM
Notice that in the last decade the quality of nearly every human endeavor has become mediocre? Music, movies, TV, even the sciences has become middling. Could this be the side effect of using remote neural monitoring combined with microwave auditory effect on a large scale? All the best ideas are "stolen" and spread out to become, well let's say worthy of a trash compactor.

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